Atlas Hydrostop – A SCAM

Another product in the long line of overhyped wonder solutions, with loads of false promises all over the can, I have only one word for it – FAIL. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly this one failed. Below is the picture of the aforementioned Atlas Hydrostop:


We live on the top floor of our block, more specifically the 8th floor. Why? Because we like the view and the air, our cat does too. We had a few cracks on the roof, because naturally the previous owner didn’t care to roof it properly. So, while roaming around in Praktiker, Deva, Romania, we stumbled upon this intriguing canister called “Atlas Hydrostop” (they have the balls to put the stop sign in O) manufactured by Atlas Corporation, Bucharest (Sounds like Lex Luthor’s company). Anyway, We took a look, and at 130 leis, $45 or 2000 rupees a can,  it seemed like a reasonable, affordable way to waterproof our roof.

Well, so we brought 5 of these cans home, waited a whole month or two, and spent close to two weeks, taking off the old roof (soaked cardboard sheets), putting molten tar in the cracks, and then putting two layers of this Hydrostop as mentioned in the instructions. It looked a bit like tar mixed with something, and it dried up pretty quickly, and looked to be impenetrable by water. So, then we waited for the first rain or snow with baited breath.

The first heavy rain and snow arrived a week later, and I feel like I’m sitting beneath a tree in a park (a bald tree with no leaves). Well, the empty Atlas Hydrostop buckets came in handy, to collect the droplets in our kitchen.

And so, hereby we warn you, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT ever buy this piece of monkey crap in a can. We would have sued the company, but hey, who’s got all that money and all that time to deal with all this? Well, I just hope no other unsuspecting, innocent people fall for this scam.