Outsourcing audio transcription – Why it makes perfect sense

Outsourcing your audio transcription work makes perfect sense. How?

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People don’t realize just how difficult transcribing an interview is until they’ve tried it themselves. Without the proper hardware and equipment, it can be a nightmare to even transcribe 10 or 20 minutes, let alone hours of your important interview recordings. Some companies have their office secretaries work on transcribing recorded interviews, which again can be a waste of time and resources which can be utilized elsewhere.

Due to the advancements in e-commerce over the years, it has now become easier than ever to outsource your work to a number of online transcription services like ScriptoSphere. Below are some reasons why outsourcing your transcription work makes so much good business sense:

Save Time and Money:

This is really the most important factor to consider when you’re looking at getting your transcription work done by an online audio transcription service. Transcription is quite a difficult process, which can prove to be a nightmare for someone who has never done it before. Without the proper equipment or transcription experience, you will never be able to pause, rewind, play, forward, slow the audio down in time while still typing what you hear, UNLESS your typing speed is above 80-90 WPM, which is rare.

It makes much better business sense to give your work to specialists who are experienced in this field, and who have the right hardware to finish your work much faster at a nominal cost to you, while you continue working on and growing your core business. Transcription rates these days are much more affordable, and you also get discounts for bulk orders. Let’s be honest, in today’s economic climate, time is money. So, the only sensible thing to do is to save time and money, and give your work to the experts.

Save on office space and avoid mismanagement:

As we have outlined earlier, transcription is not something anybody can get right in their first try. As any experienced transcriptionist or proofreader will tell you, being good at audio transcription requires extensive, consistent and ongoing feedback and training. You can never get 100% perfect, but with the right training you can get very close.

If your transcription needs are few and far between, and you don’t need a dedicated staff to be working on them daily, what outsourcing your work to an expert transcription service does is it saves you the hassle of training your staff or buying any transcription equipment. Even if you have daily transcription needs, I am sure enough bulk discount can be given to make the whole process as easy as possible.

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Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence in Audio Transcription

Can machines transcribe better than humans? We find out:


There is a never-ending debate on whether machines can replace humans for most of our daily tasks.  For some things, like a restaurant kiosk, yes, they can, but for more technical fields like audio transcription and translation, there is still a long way to go.  As AI continues to evolve, we all continue to wonder just how much of a human’s job will a computer be able to do in the future.  As of now?  Not much.

Online audio transcription, transcription service

Audio transcription is still classified as a human intelligence task, as it sometimes can require monumental levels of concentration and intelligence to do a better job than others, especially on difficult files where you have to pretty much extract the main speaker’s voice from between background music, chatter and crosstalk, to be able to make sense in the context of the interview.  It’s a difficult job, but it also pays well for the same reason.

The central problems (or goals) of AI research include reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, natural language processing (communication), perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects. Unless scientists can evolve AI to the point where they can think EXACTLY like a human brain, you can rest assured that for now giving your interviews to a professional transcription service is your best bet at getting an accurate transcript, fast.

According to many major publications, machine translation and software speech recognition are fairly limited when it comes to transcribing audio files or translating a language.  You can transcribe and translate text now, but since there will be a lot of inaccuracies, you will have to spend hours editing what the machine wrongly assumed, and that’s only for one interview.  Imagine the mess you would have to clear for multiple interviews.  This is why, even with all the AI advancement we have had, the transcription service industry continues to grow every year.

Almost 96% of the world’s transcription service is handled by human powered solutions, and while today’s technology is far from replacing human workers, it does help us to continue to provide highly accurate transcription services, hence technology works as a helpful tool rather than a substitute or replacement of human workers.

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Google changes its logo after 17 years

Google’s longstanding logo has become iconic in the last 17 years since the company was founded.  Google is everywhere now on any device capable of accessing the internet, and soon even in cars. The famous Google logo was introduced in 1999, and variations of that have appeared everywhere on the web.

On September 1, Google launched their brand new logo, which makes it the biggest change in branding in the company’s history.  It’s amazing to note that a company the size of Google hasn’t updated their logo in the last 17 years.  But hey, if it works, why fix it, eh?  The new logo is flatter, keeping up with the latest trend around the web, but it still retains the same color scheme.  This new logo was approved after a lengthy creative process in which they rejected a lot of designs. This is the new logo:

Google logo new

This new logo, according to Google executives, was designed to be a seamless transition across any number of devices that can access Google’s products which may require any number of different inputs such as type, touch and voice.  Google has indicated that the new logo may change soon. Below is the comparison between the new and old Google logo. We like the new logo’s font:

google-new vs old

How to become better at online freelance transcription

Freelance transcription – How can you master it?

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Recent arrival of a lot of new online audio transcription services has meant that freelance transcription has become increasingly viable for a lot of people pursuing home-based work.  With the rise in the number of transcription services, the freelance audio transcription sector has become highly competitive, with more emphasis on quality and speed than ever before.  Below are some points we think will help you get better:

How to be the best freelance transcriber:

We have never had more job applications for a freelance contractor positions than right now.  More and more people are switching to home-based transcription work, as it gives them the freedom to choose their work hours and adjust their own schedule.  Besides who doesn’t love to work in their pajamas? Before you can become the preferred choice of transcription companies for freelance work, you need to keep a couple of things in mind:

  1. Work hard: Achieve better accuracy and faster typing skills by diligently working towards it. This way you can get more work done in lesser time, which translates into better earnings and saved time. And as we all know, time is money.  Plus, a transcription service will always give priority to the fastest and most accurate transcriber or team.
  1. Get proper training: Audio transcription sounds really easy on paper to a lot of people, and hence they jump in without giving it much thought, and after a couple of first assignments, reality hits them hard. Always get training from experienced people, or stick with a professional transcription company to refine your talent and hone your skills.
  1. Retain clients and expand your client base: You have now learned transcription and have become very good at it. How do you go forward? Like in any business, customer satisfaction is paramount, and the customer in this case being the transcription company that is giving you work.  Payment will not always be up to your liking, but nobody starts out with a new company on their highest pay scale.  Like in life, you have to climb the ladder here too.  Do it by providing consistent quality transcription work, and your next pay bump may be around the corner.  What’s most important is to never give up.

So, I’ve become a freelance transcriptionist. Now what?

The term audio transcription covers a whole gamut of different transcription services like medical, general, legal and media transcription.  All of this work can be done at home with a basic computer and an internet connection.  Other add-ons can be purchased to help make the job easier for you, but thankfully freelance transcription work doesn’t require much from your end.  All you have to do is listen to the file the client provides you, and type it in a document using a word processing software like Microsoft Word.

The job doesn’t end there though.  Different clients have different formatting requests, different style of transcription etc.  These need to be compartmentalized for better efficiency.  The better and faster you become at using all  the tools efficiently, the more companies will want to hire you.  An efficient worker is really what all companies desperately want and desire.

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ScriptoSphere’s Transcription Service

What can you expect from our transcription service?



  • Accuracy and Speed:  

    The single most important element of a transcript is its accuracy, and that is our biggest priority. A lot of other transcription services often fail to produce precise results, sometimes trading quality for a lower price, creating problems for the client having to edit the transcript errors themselves to have usable transcripts in the end. With a professional transcription service such as ours, you can be assured of fast turnaround, and at least 98% accuracy guaranteed, with our experienced proofreaders editing each transcript at least twice.

  • Proper Punctuation:  

    Misuse of punctuation is a common problem in a lot of transcripts. Failing to add necessary punctuations can significantly alter the meaning of phrases within a transcript. Retaining the original intent of the material is essential for business and professional communications. Unintended alterations in meaning can create misunderstandings that can prove damaging to the company’s reputation and its operations as well.

  • Fluency:  

    In order to provide the best possible results, a comprehensive knowledge of both written and spoken language, including idioms, use of metaphors and common slang is required. Freelance individuals providing transcription services may lack the necessary training, and this can lead to mistakes that more experienced transcriptionists can easily avoid. We make sure of this by thoroughly training our team in all aspects of audio transcription.

  • Homonyms and Homophones:  

    These sound-alike and look-alike words can present major difficulties for inexperienced transcriptionists, which can really mess-up the overall quality of a transcript. A professional transcription service can avoid confusing these words and ensure that the correct meaning is conveyed in the final transcript, at no extra cost to you.

  • Grammar and Formatting:  

    One important aspect of audio transcription is the grammatical structure of the final transcripts. Another aspect is how good a transcript looks, if it’s easy to read, and if it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. A lot of non-professional transcription services often overlook these essential elements and can produce results that do not adhere to style, formatting, and grammar rules and may present a sloppy, unprofessional appearance to the target audience.

Keeping all the aforementioned points in mind, I think it’s fair to assume that our transcription services will provide the most bang for your buck, because we identify key areas, and work hard on them to give you only the best service possible.

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Online audio transcription: Professional vs Freelance

Which is better, and why?

pro transcription service

We get a lot of queries from customers stumbling upon our website after countless experiences with freelance transcribers  who provide transcription services through a variety of different online market/workplace outlets.  Depending on their experience, of course, a lot of these customers have just one thing on their mind,  “I need a professional transcription service.”

Now, with outlining the benefits of a professional transcription service, we in no way want to deride  or degrade the reputation of freelance transcription service providers on the internet.  How could we? We’ve used their services ourselves, and were once working as a freelance service provider too!  Let’s look at some of the benefits you receive by giving your business to a professional online transcription service:

  1. Quality control: Getting transcription done on a freelance basis online can be somewhat of a hit or miss 9 out of 10 times; reason being there is really no way to ascertain the experience or quality of the transcriber, unless it is some sort of a ranking based, organized work marketplace, which are rare to find.
  1. Turnaround time: We have had turnaround time issues in the past with freelance teams, which is the reason why we recommend getting your work done by a transcription company such as ours, or at least an organized team with members who are accountable for their work.
  1. Professionalism: An online audio transcription service such as ours takes their job very seriously, knowing that nothing should interfere with the job on hand. We also provide confidentiality agreements and proper quotes and invoices, along with a secure, encrypted payment service with a refund option, if needed.
  1. Accountability: A freelancer may have personal emergencies or issues, which may delay your work, or not get your work done at all. A transcription service company, such as ours, takes the accountability seriously and gets your work done with the same speed, accuracy and quality as always.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, bulk projects is an area where a professional transcription service really shines, as they have the staff and tools to turn them around quicker than a freelancer.  At a first glance, freelance transcribers would probably offer you lower costs, but can they promise the same quality or turnaround time?

A professional transcription company is structured in layers, consisting of transcribers and editors specialized in various different fields, for ex. legal, business, medicine, journalism etc. We also carefully select our proofreaders through an extensive testing and interview process. With a team like that singularly focused on your file, what you get is a top-notch product.

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Customer satisfaction in audio transcription

Customer Satisfaction – Why is it so important for us?


We understand that growing and sustaining a successful business depends a lot upon customers satisfaction. Satisfied customers are likely to become repeat customers, which means they are also more likely to suggest our online audio transcription service to colleagues, friends and family, which a lot of our valued customers have done over the years.

We manage to retain a lot of our customers simply because of our painstaking attention to accuracy and quality, which we have managed to control ever since we started, by providing effective training to our employees consistently and making sure to keep them under relatively less stress and pressure. All of our transcripts go through 3 stages; transcription, proofreading/editing and finalization, making sure we don’t miss a single word and deliver 99% accuracy all the time. Our most loyal customers are the ones whose trust we gained through delivering quality transcripts consistently, and offering them timely price and TAT discounts for bulk orders.

All this results in a transcription service which our customers remember, and promise to spread ‘the good word’, so to speak. Whether the client is loyal or new, our streamlined service caters to all of them the same.  We don’t have special extra secret discounts to fish for new customers.  We have transparent policies and discounts which we offer to all our clients, and we hope to continue to do so.

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Website content and audio transcription

How can audio transcription help your website?


It’s 2015, we all know how important SEO and content is for a website’s ranking on all major search engines.  Companies and individuals REQUIRE a great ranking website, if not on the first place, then at least the second page.  Now, where does audio transcription factor into all this?

Unless you don’t have a job to go to, or you’re a great typist with over 60 WPM with ideas just bursting into your head every second, you need audio transcription more than you think.  In business, time is money, and transcribing even a short audio file can be a heavy time consuming task if you’re not trained to do it faster, or have the necessary equipment to do so.

This is where we come in.  If you need great articles for your blog, simply pick up a sound recorder (or a recording app found on all smartphones these days) and start talking.  Once you upload the file on our website, we will begin the process of turning that audio file into a document, a document from which you can simply copy, paste, edit the text you want.  It’s that simple!

It makes the difficult task of content creation that much simpler, and faster.  If you need a document translated from a foreign language to English, we do that too!

How will more and better content help your website you ask?  You can count on:

  1. Increased Visibility: More content equals better visibility on all search engines compared to your competition. What’s more, you can provide subtitles to your videos, or transcript of an interview you conducted, right there, available on your website.  Consumers love choices.
  1. Better Interactive Experience: If you provide more mediums to your visitors to consume your content, that leads to them spending more time on your website.
  1. Far Better Reach: Not everyone wants to listen or watch. Many people prefer to read.  By providing another way to interact with your site visitors, your multiply your audience tenfold.  And isn’t that exactly what we all want?

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Transcription of multi-speaker seminars

Transcription of multi-speaker seminars

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seminar transcription

Audio transcription is a process which converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document. Transcription services are often provided for business, legal, or medical purposes. The most common type of transcription is from a spoken-language source into text such as a computer file suitable for printing as a document such as a report.

The transcribed files are used as a reference for important notes and points said and discussed during an interview or a seminar to be used at a later time, because looking through a transcribed file is much more convenient than going through an audio file. Common examples of this are group debates, marketing surveys or researches, psychological analysis and research recordings, press briefings, one-on-one interviews and multiple speakers seminar or conferences.

Multiple Speakers Seminar

To discuss multiple speaker interviews and seminars briefly, these type of transcription files are the one of the hardest to transcribe. A seminar is basically a gathering, a group of people meeting together for the purpose of debating, discussing or maybe only getting taught on a certain topic of common interest. Seminars, symposiums, oral presentations and gatherings do not merely exist in the business arena these days, they also apply to communities who want to acquire awareness of a certain subject. In some cases, for the duration of talks, seminars and symposiums, concepts and data get mentioned frequently. Without transcription, these words will remain unrecorded, and it would be too much hassle to go through an audio file looking for specific points, while it’s convenient to read an entire seminar or academic proceeding. This really is exactly where seminar transcription comes in.

seminar transcription
seminar transcription

Examples of Multi-Speaker Seminars:

  • A host moderates a panel of speakers.
  • A panel of speakers talk and take questions from an audience.
  • A host introduces two or more speakers who then give a joint presentation.

Need for a transcript

There are many reasons why people may wish to get a transcript of a seminar. It makes it possible for people who either want to read instead of listen, and people with hearing disabilities, to view the text that was spoken in the presentation. In addition, it enables folks who are far better visual learners to read and re-read the data and let it sink in. Also, a number of seminars are often compiled into a publication for distribution later.


An accurate seminar transcription is as crucial as the seminar itself. Imagine, if you have a gathering of extremely intelligent professionals in a certain field sharing a wealth of facts, but you have no way of capturing that information.

Enterprise organizations, educational institutes, law firms, study groups and medical institutions are in well need of documented seminars, interviews, meetings and discussions. Such solutions can also be made use of for lectures, presentations, speeches, breakout sessions, keynote speaking, round table discussions, road shows, workshops and Q&A sessions. It can be considered an essential part of post-conference business enterprise to provide seminar papers to delegates and to clients who didn’t attend the event.

Lots of participants who attend seminars, do not merely want a recording of the presentation they heard, but an actual transcript of the seminar. On frequent occasions, this is additionally useful than the recording itself, because it makes it possible for an individual to search easily and look for quotes and specifics within the oral seminar transcription that they might not be capable of uncovering as promptly in the recording.

Difficulties in Transcribing

The recordings are done either via a digital recorder, or these days, via even smartphones in a large room filled with people. Now, no matter how technologically advanced the recorder is, it still can’t properly record each voice separately over background and static noises. With constant and static disturbances in majority of audio files, it can become increasingly difficult to fathom the content of the speakers as well as identifying who the speaker is. For these types of files, it’s usually simpler to transcribe if the client provides the company with a video recording of the seminar. The best way to achieve quality transcription of a multi-speaker seminar is to record it in video format. This makes it much easier for us to correctly identify the speakers and leave fewer blanks within the transcript or none at all.

Quality of an audio file can be very bad in huge seminar halls

It is highly recommended that one shoots multi-speaker seminars on video and submit a digital video file or a DVD for transcription. This will greatly increase the quality of the transcript. With a video source, the transcriber can see who is speaking and correctly identify them in the transcript. Transcriptionists generally consider a multi-person interview to be an interview where there are or more people being interviewed at the same time by an interviewer.

Talking about speakers, first of all there is a host or the moderator. The host presents the introductory part, and then the first speaker begins his presentation.  Now, either at the end, or after each speaker, there is a session of questions and answers where anybody in the audience can talk and express their point of view.

Multiple speakers and disturbances from audience affects audio quality

Interviews with multiple speakers at a public place with constant background disturbances can be a huge pain for the transcriber and also the editor. A professional transcription company‘s task becomes more complicated with the number of speakers engaged in the same debate.  Usually there are people with different accents, varying style, speed, tone of speaking. Some of them would run through their sentences or mumble, while there are also instances when two or more excited speakers speak at the same time over an important issue which cannot be ignored.

These type of files obviously are extremely difficult for the transcriber, as it demands time, hard work and dedication. Thus, the cost of transcription of these files are the highest and may increase depending on the quality of the audio file. Hence it is recommended to record the multiple speaker interviews and seminars in video and high quality audio formats for fast and best quality transcripts.

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Job vacancies at ScriptoSphere

Current vacancies – June 2014:


ScriptoSphere currently has vacancies for the following positions:

Transcribers – 3
Proofreaders – 2
Chief Editor/Team Leader – 1

How to Apply:
Walk-in interviews from Monday to Saturday – 9 am to 6 pm
Address: 313, Navneet Tower, Old Palasia, Indore, M.P. – 452001

International BPO/KPO experience preferred, but not required. Salary negotiable.

Job profile requires the candidate to have:

  • Excellent command of spoken and written English.
  • Strong general knowledge and be well versed with global events, especially from the USA, UK and Australia.
  • Be experienced in the field of general, business, podcast and media transcription.
  • The ability to work full time and handle heavy workload at times.

Interested candidates, please forward your resumes to transcription@scriptosphere.com OR info@scriptosphere.com.  For more information or prior appointment, please call – 9575109229